Erica Hanson


8/7 IC Summer Jam, Minneapolis, w/The Crown Jewels (A Tribute to Queen) 8:30pm
8/18 St Paul Saints Pre-Game on the Plaza w/ Benjamin Raye, 5pm
St Francis American Legion, Patio show w/Benjamin Raye,  5-9pm
8/22  Route 65, E Bethel, Patio show w/Benjamin Raye, 2-6pm
8/26  Shakopee Bowl, Patio show w/Benjamin Raye, 6-9:30pm
8/27  MN State Fair - BOB FM Stage w/Brandon Backstrom, 3-4pm
9/1  MN State Fair - French Creperie Stage w/Benjamin Raye, 6-9pm
9/11 Rollies, Sauk Rapids, Opening for Craig Morgan w/Benjamin Raye Band 5:30-8:30pm

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